16 April 2019

Harder for asylum seekers to pay their bills

During 2019, most Swedish payment service agents will close. This means that it will be harder for you as an asylum seeker to pay your bills. Therefore, when you seek medical care you need to ask your care provider about how to pay for your visit.

There are currently 370 payment service agents around the country. This year, 200 of these payment service agents will close and the ones who will remain are located mainly in the large cities.

This will affect you as an asylum seeker who use a payment service agent when you pay, for example, healthcare bills.

All hospitals and healthcare centres around Sweden belong to different county councils. What county council they belong to depends on which city you live in. Since all county councils decide themselves how they want their patients to pay their bills, your method of payment will be determined by where you live. In some county councils you pay by card or cash in connection with your visit. In other county councils you will get a bill sent to your home. You must therefore ask the healthcare provider about how to pay for your visit when you seek medical care.

You can also contact the hospital or healthcare centre before your visit to ask how you should pay your bill. If the healthcare provider only allows invoice payment, you can ask if you are allowed to come back and pay the bill on site. Migrationsverket will not be able to help you pay your bills.