29 August 2019

How you will be affected by the Swedish Migration Agency’s assessment of the safety situation in Syria

The Swedish Migration Agency has published a new judicial position on the situation in Syria. This may affect the possibility for certain new asylum seekers to obtain a residence permit in Sweden. However it does not affect those who have already been granted asylum in Sweden and have a residence permit as a refugee or a person in need of subsidiary protection.

In the judicial position, the Swedish Migration Agency assesses that the safety situation remains serious in Syria, but that the level of conflict has  slightly decreased.

Until now, asylum seeking Syrians, regardless of where they lived in the country, have been granted asylum in Sweden. As a result of the Swedish Migration Agency's new assessment of the security situation, new asylum seekers from Syrian will not automatically be granted protection in Sweden. As before, there will be an individual review, but one aspect that is taken into account is which province you lived in.

If you have already been granted asylum and have a residence permit in Sweden as a refugee or a person in need of subsidiary protection, you are not affected by the new judicial position of the Swedish Migration Agency.

You will keep your protection status as a refugee or a person in need of subsidiary protection and this means that you will keep your residence permit.

If you plan to apply for an extended residence permit, you do not need to provide any new grounds for asylum in your application, if the reasons are the same as those that you provided the first time you applied for asylum.

The new safety assessment also does not affect the possibility for you to reunite with your family. If you have a residence permit with refugee status or subsidiary protection you still have an opportunity to be reunited with your family, exactly as before.

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