12 September 2019

Do you intend to apply for an extension and want to show that you can support yourself?

When you apply for an extension of your temporary residence permit, you are able to get a permanent residence permit if you can show that you can support yourself as an employee or self-employed person.

This applies to anyone who has previously applied for asylum or is a family member of someone who has previously applied for asylum and has a temporary residence permit under the temporary law.

To apply for an extended permit on the grounds that you are able to support yourself, you have to send in the form “Uppgifter om försörjning” (in Swedish), number 202011, in addition to your online application or application form. That form tells you what other appendices you may need to send in.

For your employment to be approved, you must have started working before your temporary residence permit expires, and your employer must have reported your employment to the Swedish Tax Agency by the time your temporary residence permit expires.

The Swedish Migration Agency contacts the Swedish Tax Agency to check that your employer has reported your employment in time. You do not have to send in a certificate showing that your employment has been reported.

If you do not meet all the requirements to be given a permanent residence permit on account of your job, you can still be given an extended residence permit for other reasons you state in your application.

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