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20 April 2020

The Swedish Migration Agency resumes investigations and meetings

On 30 March, the Swedish Migration Agency temporarily paused longer investigations and meeting appointments in order to reduce the spread of coronavirus in society. In the meantime, the Swedish Migration Agency has developed a solution for how longer investigations and meetings can be conducted safely.

To reduce the spread of infection, most meetings will now be conducted via video. The person to be investigated and the Case Officer from the Swedish Migration Agency will each sit in a video room located on the premises of the Swedish Migration Agency. Interpreters or public counsels can either participate over the phone or attend in person, in the same room as the person being investigated.

If any special needs exist that makes it difficult to conduct a meeting via video, the meeting can be resolved in a different way. For example, this may apply if a participant has a hearing or vision impairment, or when sorting out a difficult and complex event.

Shorter investigations and meetings in which it is less important that the participants see each other will be carried out over the phone.

Stay home if you are sick

If you feel sick with symptoms such as a sniffling/nasal congestion, coughing or fever, do not meet with other people. This applies even if you just feel a little bit sick. To prevent the risk that you will infect others, once you feel better you should wait at least two days before visiting the offices of the Swedish Migration Agency.

If you have an appointment with the Swedish Migration Agency and are not completely healthy, you need to cancel the appointment. This is true even if you are going to have a video meeting.