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9 June 2020

New rules for asylum seekers who arrange their own accommodation

From 1 July, new rules apply to those who move to their own accommodation, EBO, while they wait for a decision on a residence permit. Asylum seekers who move to certain residential areas may lose the right to daily allowances and special grants from the Swedish Migration Agency.

The idea behind the new rules is to get asylum seekers to live in places where there are good conditions for welcoming new residents. This way it will be easier for people who come to Sweden to integrate and become part of Swedish society.

The government has selected 32 municipalities where there are areas with social and economic challenges. The municipalities have since notified the Swedish Migration Agency in which areas the new rules will apply.

In some municipalities, the new rules apply in the entire municipality

In 11 of the 32 municipalities, the new rules apply in the entire municipality: Botkyrka, Eskilstuna, Filipstad, Gothenburg, Helsingborg, Katrineholm, Kristianstad, Landskrona, Malmö, Perstorp and Åstorp. This means that an asylum seeker who moves to his or her own accommodation in one of these municipalities after 30 June loses his or her right to daily allowance and special grants.

In most municipalities, the rules apply in some areas

Most municipalities have decided that the new rules will apply in certain residential areas. The Swedish Migration Agency has developed an e-service where you can find out if an address is located in an area that may affect your right to compensation.

If you move after 30 June

A person who moves to one of the areas reported by the municipality to the Swedish Migration Agency after 30 June 2020, risks losing his or her right to daily allowances and special grants from the Swedish Migration Agency. You still have the right to stay where you live even if you are no longer receiving compensation from the Swedish Migration Agency.

If you already live in one of the areas in question

If you already live in one of the areas that the municipality has reported as an area with social and economic challenges, the new rules do not affect you.

New areas can be added on 1 January 2021

Municipalities can both remove and add areas that they deem to have social and economic challenges. If so, the changes will apply from 1 January 2021.

All asylum seekers have the right to live in the accommodations arranged by the Swedish Migration Agency

If you are no longer able to stay in the accommodation that you have arranged yourself, you can contact your Reception unit. As an asylum seeker, you are entitled to a place in one of the Swedish Migration Agency's accommodations.

Read more about own accommodation and try the e-service

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