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20 November 2020

Information for children

Children have the right to be informed of what happens when they seek asylum. Even young children have the right to receive information that they can understand. That is why the Swedish Migration Agency has developed an app that explains the asylum process for children in a simple way.

In the app “Migrationsverket Stories”, the Swedish Migration Agency uses audio and video to explain the rights that asylum seeking children have, how to apply for asylum and waiting for a decision. The app is suitable for children aged seven to eleven years and has been tested by children in grade 5 at Pilängskolan in Landskrona.

The app can be used both by children and by adults who want help to explain the asylum process to children. The information is available in Swedish, English, Arabic, Somali, Persian and Albanian. You do not need to be able to read to use the app.

The app "Migrationsverket Stories" from the Swedish Migration Agency is available for both iPhone and Android.