Enforcement halt on rejections and deportations of Tigrayan people to Ethiopia

The Swedish Migration Agency has recently received reports that the situation for Tigrayan people in Ethiopia has become increasingly difficult. The Swedish Migration Agency has therefore decided on a temporary halt on rejections and deportations of Tigrayan people to Ethiopia.

This decision applies to people of Tigrayan ethnicity who come from Ethiopia. The reason for this decision is the report about authorities in Ethiopia committing serious violations against members or this group.

An enforcement halt means that the Swedish Migration Agency will not send back people who are of a Tigrayan ethnicity who have received a decision on rejection or deportation to Ethiopia. The Swedish Migration Agency will continue to monitor the development in the country and will continue to try all applications on an individual basis. You do not need to apply in order to be covered by the general enforcement halt.

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If your situation changes and you have new reasons for asylum that make it impossible for you to return to Ethiopia, you can submit an application for individual enforcement obstacles.

Information on how to apply for individual enforcement obstacles