Women from Afghanistan to be granted asylum in Sweden

The Swedish Migration Agency estimates that life as a woman in Afghanistan has now become so difficult that it counts as persecution on the basis of gender. For this reason, Afghan women and girls seeking protection in Sweden will be considered to be refugees and be granted a residence permit.

Since the Taliban movement took power in Afghanistan, the situation for women has gradually deteriorated. Recently, more rules have been introduced that restrict women’s rights and freedom of movement. It has now become so difficult for Afghan women and girls to study, earn a living, seek care or get protection from violence that they can be considered to be persecuted on the basis of their gender. A person at risk of gender-based persecution is entitled to a residence permit as a refugee.

The Swedish Migration Agency has long monitored developments in Afghanistan, and in the past year as many as 89 percent of all Afghan women who have applied for asylum in Sweden have been granted a residence permit. But now the Swedish Migration Agency assesses that the situation for women in Afghanistan has become so difficult that all asylum-seeking women and girls should be granted refugee status, which entails a three-year residence permit.

If you are a woman or girl from Afghanistan and your application for asylum has been rejected, you can apply for your case to be re-examined.

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