Travel grant for the journey to Sweden for close relatives of a refugee

If you have been granted a residence permit as a refugee you may apply for a travel grant to cover the expenses of your family members trip to Sweden.

Every year, the Swedish Migration Agency receives money from the Government for travel grants for family members’ trip to Sweden. This year, the grant has decreased by about 85 % compared to last year.

This means that the Migration Agency will only be able to grant a limited number of applications this year. The number of applications that we have received this year are already more than we will be able to grant. All applications received from now on will therefore be rejected.

The grant can be approved for family members whom you have lived with outside of Sweden, and who are:

  • your wife, husband, registered partner or cohabiting partner,
  • your children (if they are unmarried and under the age of 20),
  • your parents and siblings (if you are under the age of 18).

In order to be eligible for the travel grant you must have been granted a residence permit as a refugee in accordance with the Geneva Convention of 1951 and have a permit with code AF or A3. Stateless Palestinians with refugee status declarations or travel documents issued by the Swedish Migration Agency can also apply for the travel grant.

Your family members must have been granted Swedish residence permits and hold valid passports before you can apply for the grant.

You are not eligible for the grant if you are a Swedish citizen or if you or your family members can pay for the trip yourselves.

The travel grant normally consists of one airplane ticket per person, from the country where your family members are situated, to Sweden.


You cannot apply for the grant because the Swedish Migration Agency does not have enough money to approve more applications. See the information box at the top of this page.

Can not be appealed

You can not appeal against the Migration Agency's decision to refuse your application for a travel grant.

Förordning (1984:936) om bidrag till flyktingar för kostnader för anhörigas resor till Sverige (only in Swedish)external link, opens in new window

Last updated: 2019-02-13

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