Repatriation allowance for moving to another country

If you are thinking about moving back to your country of origin, or have decided to do so, you will find more information here on which type of allowance you can get and things that you should keep in mind. Under certain circumstances, you may also receive an allowance for moving to a country other than your country of origin.

Conditions for repatriation allowance

You may be eligible for a repatriation allowance if you have been granted residence in Sweden as a refugee, person in need of protection or on the grounds of exceptionally or particularly distressing circumstances. You may not have this type of allowance if you have become a Swedish citizen.

You must be able to prove that you have

  • a valid passport from your home country
  • an address in the country you are moving to
  • permission to live in a country other than your own, if you are planning on moving to such a country
  • visas for the countries you pass through on your way home, if necessary.

You must also account for your debts and assets in Sweden, your country of origin or the other country you are moving to. You must pay off your debts in Sweden, or come to an agreement or make a payment plan with the person you borrowed money from.

Family members

Your family members may be given a repatriation allowance, if they have been granted residence by association with you. Considered as family members are your husband/wife/cohabiting partner and children under the age of 18. You must also be able to prove that you cannot pay for your own and your family's voyage.

Under certain circumstances, the Swedish Migration Agency may grant an allowance for your cohabiting partner, or other relative living with you.

If you are receiving repatriation allowance

If you are receiving repatriation allowance to move to another country, your permanent residence permit will be revoked when you leave Sweden.

Submitting an application

You apply for a repatriation allowance by filling out the form Ansökan om bidrag för resa från Sverige för bosättning i annat landPDF, number 4453 (in Swedish only), and sending it to

601 70 Norrköping

Enclose the following documents with your application:

  • copies of your passport that clearly shows its validity period and your identity. If your family is going with you, you must also include copies of their passports
  • a copy of your latest income tax statement from the Swedish Tax Agency, for you and all members of your family over the age of 18
  • written consent. If your children are in joint custody, and they leave the country with one parent, the parent who is staying in Sweden must give their consent
  • a copy of any agreement or payment plan, if you are in debt
  • a copy of a decision, or equivalent document, to prove that you have permission to live in the country you are moving to (unless you are returning to your country of origin).

Travel costs and cash

In addition to an allowance for travel costs, you may also get an allowance in cash. You may receive a maximum of SEK 10,000 for each adult, and a maximum of SEK 5,000 for each child under the age of 18. In total, a family can receive a maximum of SEK 40,000 in cash.

You may be given an allowance for travel by air, bus or your own car. You may not be given an allowance to visit your country of origin or for moving furniture.

Payment of the allowance

The cash is paid out to you in person, via money order.

Leaving Sweden

Once the Migration Agency has made a decision, you will be notified by post. You must then go to your local tax office to declare a permanent change of residence. You then send a copy of your notification of change of residence to the Migration Agency. The Migration Agency pays your allowance, makes the travel arrangements and sends the ticket to you.

You should notify the Migration Agency well ahead of time of when you would like to leave, so that arrangements can be made according to your wishes.

Do you want to know more?

If you want to find out more about repatriation allowances you can visit any of the Migration Agency's permit units or contact Towe Rasmussen.

Phone number: 010-485 92 36
Address: Migrationsverket, Förvaltningsenheten, 601 70 NORRKÖPING
Fax number: 011-23 98 39


Ansökan om bidrag för resa från Sverige för bosättning i annat land, form number 4453 (in Swedish only)PDF


Förordning (1984:890) om bidrag till utlänningars resor från Sverige för bosättning i annat landexternal link 

Last updated: 2017-04-12

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