For asylum seekers who want to learn Swedish

If you have a residence permit in Sweden and have registered in the population register, you have the right to training in Swedish for immigrants, which is also called SFI. But if you want to learn Swedish while you are waiting for a decision, there are many voluntary organisations and educational associations that offer study circles in Swedish.

Study circles in Swedish

Many different adult education associations offer study circles in Swedish and social information for asylum seekers. A study circle involves meeting as a group and learning Swedish together. The group can decide jointly on the structure of the teaching so that it suits the participants. Both those waiting for a decision on a residence permit and those who have already been granted a residence permit but who are still living at an accommodation centre can take part. Participation is free. If necessary, the Swedish Migration Agency can pay for your travel to a study circle. If you have applied for asylum in another European country, if you have been notified of a refusal of entry or expulsion decision, or if it is obvious that you are not entitled to a residence permit in Sweden, you must pay your own travel costs if you want to join a study circle.

If you want to take part in a study circle in Swedish, you should contact an adult education association where you live. To find out which adult education associations offer study circles in Swedish in your area, contact your Reception Unit.

Practise your Swedish with voluntary organisations

Many voluntary organisations organise various types of teaching in Swedish or language cafés for asylum seekers. To find out which organisations can help you to practise your Swedish, contact your Reception Unit.

Studying Swedish independently

There are many online programmes to help you learn Swedish independently. You can find links to different programmes at Most programmes require access to the internet. All programmes are free.

You can find all links on the “Learn Swedish” page at www.informationsverige.seexternal link, opens in new window

Last updated: 15 November 2018

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