Do you need help with accommodation?

If you have applied for protection under the Temporary Protection Directive, you can turn to the Swedish Migration Agency for help with accommodation at any time. It does not matter if you have been granted a residence permit or are waiting for a decision, or if you have previously chosen to arrange your accommodation on your own.

To get help with accommodation, you must visit a Swedish Migration Agency office in person. You can visit the nearest Unit for Reception without making an appointment.

If you need the Swedish Migration Agency’s help with accommodation, you are not able to choose where to live. You will be given accommodation where there are places available and you may need to move to another Swedish Migration Agency accommodation to make room for more people.

The Swedish Migration Agency rents different types of accommodation. It could be an apartment where you cook your own food, a room where you share a kitchen with many others, or a larger accommodation centre where the food is served in a common dining room.

If you are in a particularly vulnerable situation, you may be entitled to accommodation that is adapted to your needs. This may apply, for example, if you have a disability, suffer from physical or mental illness, or are LGBTQI, pregnant or elderly. Talk to the Swedish Migration Agency about your needs when you ask for help with accommodation, and we will do our best to find an accommodation solution that is suitable for you.

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