Now that the municipalities share responsibility for arranging housing, you may need to move

On 1 July, a new law was introduced requiring municipalities to take over the responsibility of arranging housing for people with protection under the Temporary Protection Directive. The aim of the new law is for Sweden’s municipalities to share the responsibility of arranging housing, schooling and care for people who have fled the war in Ukraine.

Each municipality has been given responsibility to arrange housing for a certain number of people. That number has been determined taking into account several factors, such as how many people live in the municipality and the possibility of finding work there.

The Swedish Migration Agency does not want anyone to move unnecessarily, but since there are many people in need of protection in some municipalities and fewer people in others, some people must move in order for the distribution to become more even.

The Swedish Migration Agency mediates housing help

If you need help with housing, you should contact the Swedish Migration Agency. Once you have told the Swedish Migration Agency’s personnel that you need help with housing, we will look for a municipality that can offer you an accommodation. In the meantime, you can live in one of the Swedish Migration Agency’s temporary accommodations.

It will take time to find municipal housing for everyone who currently lives in housing provided directly by the Swedish Migration Agency. Some people will need to move before the end of the summer; others will be told where to move this autumn.

You may need to move to another municipality

You can submit a request to live in a particular municipality, but there are no guarantees that you will get what you want. The Swedish Migration Agency tries to arrange for those with the greatest need to stay in the municipality where they already live, but this will not be possible for everyone. If there are no vacancies in the municipality where you want to live, you must move to another municipality where there are vacancies.

Once the municipality has arranged an accommodation for you, you will receive information about where you will be living and when you can move. The Swedish Migration Agency can help you with the journey.

If you turn down the place you were offered

If you decline to move to the accommodation offered to you by the municipality, you will need to arrange your housing on your own. You will not be offered a new place by another municipality.

If you decline the offered place and later need the Swedish Migration Agency’s help with housing once again, you will be offered a place in one of the Swedish Migration Agency’s temporary accommodations.

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