The e‑service for extended protec­tion opens 29 January

If you have a residence permit under the Temporary Protection Directive that expires on 4 March 2024, you must apply for an extended residence permit if you want to stay in Sweden. The application must be submitted in the e‑service, which will be open from 29 January until 4 March.

The e‑service is easy to use. All you need is an email address and a mobile phone number. It takes only a few minutes to submit an application, and no attachments or passport copies are needed. In the application, you must state the name and case number of all the people for whom you are applying, as well as any new address.

One appli­ca­tion per family

You can apply for yourself, up to two adult co-applicant family members, and up to ten children under the age of 18 for whom you are the parent/legal guardian. Children can only be co-applicants to their own parents/legal guardians. Children without a parent/legal guardian can use the e‑service themselves, and the guardian does not need to confirm the application.

Visit the Swedish Migra­tion Agency after you apply

Once you have submitted an application in the e‑service, all your family members must visit the Swedish Migration Agency in person to be photographed and provide fingerprints for their new residence permit card. You can book an appointment for this visit in the e‑service when you submit the application.

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