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29 May 2020

This information applies if you intend to apply to extend your residence permit for studies, or if you have components of your studies left to complete

The coronavirus pandemic may affect people who have a residence permit for studies in Sweden and intend to apply to extend it, as well as people who need to complete components of courses that were held during the spring semester.

If, at the time of your application, the Swedish Migration Agency has been informed that your studies in the autumn semester are expected to take place as usual on campus, and if other conditions are met, we will be able to grant you an extended residence permit. In most cases, we receive this information from your higher education institution. The Swedish Migration Agency may also grant an extended residence permit if the majority of your education will be conducted on campus, even if parts or components of your studies will be conducted remotely.

On the other hand, if your higher education institution decides that most or all of the teaching in the autumn semester will be conducted remotely, then according to the applicable legislation the Swedish Migration Agency will not be able to grant you a residence permit.

If you are not yet certain what your higher education institution will do, then the recommendation of the Swedish Migration Agency is that you wait as long as possible to submit your application for an extension to the Swedish Migration Agency. However, you must do so before your previous permit expires. This allows time to wait for the higher education institution to announce a decision about what form of teaching they will implement before your case is examined.

If you have courses or components left to complete

To be granted an extended permit, another requirement is that you must have made acceptable progress in your studies. However, there are certain exceptions that may mean that a lower number of earned credits may be accepted. One such exception is circumstances that are beyond your control. It may be that a course or exam that should have taken place during the spring semester has been postponed, and that has contributed to the fact that you have not been able to earn the required number of credits. In each individual case, an assessment is made of whether you qualify for an exception.

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