The Swedish Migration Agency is introducing new rules for better passport check

From 1 November, applicants for a permit to study or conduct research in Sweden must personally show their passport before the Swedish Migration Agency can make a decision.

The new requirement affects both people who are applying for a residence permit for the first time and those who are applying for an extended residence permit, but it applies only if you are using a passport that you have not previously shown to the Swedish Migration Agency, a Swedish embassy, or the consulate-general. If you are applying with a passport that you have already shown in connection with a personal visit, you do not need to show it again.

We will contact you if we want to see your passport

If the Swedish Migration Agency wants to see your passport, we will contact you with information about how to book an appointment to show your passport. You should not send us your passport.

If you need an entry visa or residence permit card to travel to Sweden, in most cases you will have your fingerprints taken and be photographed when you present your passport at an embassy or consulate-general.

Accompanying family members

Your family members must also show their passports before they can get a residence permit. Children under the age of five are not required to show their passport in person, but if a child needs a residence permit card, he or she must come with you to be photographed.

Permanent residence permits

If you are applying for a permanent residence permit and meet the requirements to be granted one, you do not need to show your passport.