New rules for students doing contract and specialisation education and their family members

If you are going to do contract or specialisation education, you and your co-applicant family members can now get a residence permit for up to four years at a time instead of one year as it was before. Your co-applicant family members can now also be granted work permits.

Longer residence permit

The Swedish Migration Agency has changed the rules for how long a residence permit students doing contract or specialisation education can get. Previously, it was only possible to get a permit for one year at a time. This has now being changed to maximum four years at a time. Your accompanying family members can get permits for the same length of time.

Family members can now work during their stay in Sweden

The Swedish Migration Agency is also changing the rules regarding the possibility for co-applicant family members to get a work permit. Previously, co-applicants were only granted a residence permit and therefore could not work during their stay in Sweden. The change means that co-applicants can now get a work permit for the same period as their residence permit, if you as a student have been granted a residence permit that is longer than six months.

Your co-applicant family member does not need to apply for a work permit separately. The matter of a work permit will be examined together with the application for a residence permit.