Online service for visas

In certain countries, the Swedish embassy or consulate-general has an online visa application service. If you have applied online, you can follow your application’s processing at online service for visas.

Online service for visas is only for you who have already applied online for a visa

Please note that you cannot fill out an application at online service for visas. You apply through the link in the email you received when you registered as a user.

About the online service

On online service for visas you can see, among other things,

  • the information you provided in your application,
  • the documents you scanned and sent in,
  • if you have received a decision.

In most cases, you can also book or cancel an appointment to visit a Swedish embassy or consulate-general. If you are unable to book or cancel an appointment, you must contact the embassy or consulate-general. The Migration Agency cannot help you to book or cancel an appointment at an embassy or consulate-general.

You can access online service for visas by logging in or from the Swedish embassy or consulate-general's website.

Log in using the user name you received and the password you chose when you registered your application. 

Read more about in which countries you can apply for visa

Swedish embassies and consulates-generalexternal link, opens in new window

Last updated: 2020-01-17

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