Apply online for a visa in order to visit Sweden

You should hand in your visa application at a Swedish embassy or consulate-general in the country where you live. Some embassies and consulates-general have an online visa application service. These embassies are listed below.

If the Swedish embassy or consulate-general where you need to submit your application is not on the list, you can read more about how to apply for a visa at the embassy's or consulate-general's websiteexternal link, opens in new window.

You can apply for a visa on the Web at these embassies and consulates-general:

You cannot use this online service

  • if Sweden is represented by another Schengen state in the country where you apply
  • if you at the same time apply for work permit in Sweden
  • if you do not have to pay a fee according to a Visa Facilitation Agreement.

Why electronic application?

Applying online is the easiest and quickest way to submit an application. It takes approximately 15–30 minutes. When you apply online your application is automatically checked for all required information and the inclusion of all necessary documents. In some cases an application might need to be supplemented after processing has begun.

Please note! It is very important that you obtain information about local conditions for applications via the web on the embassy's website.

Requirements for an online application

To be able to apply online you must

  • have reached the age of 18
  • have a valid email address
  • be able to pay the application fee using a Visa or Mastercard/Eurocard card. The card must be enabled for Internet payment
  • be able to scan or photograph the documents to be attached
  • have a program that reads pdf format, for example Acrobat Readerexternal link, opens in new window
  • first use Internet Explorer as a browser. If a problem occurs, you can try using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

To keep in mind when applying online:

  1. You must register first. Once you have done this, you will receive an email at the address you have provided, containing a user name, password and a link to the application form.If you do not receive an email from the Swedish Migration Agency, this may be because the spam filter in your email program has perceived the email as spam. Therefore, you should check your spam folder.
  2. You have 1.5 hours per page to fill out the information.
  3. Use only the buttons on the form to go forward or backward in the application; do not use the browser’s buttons for this.
  4. If you interrupt your application or have technical difficulties, you must log in again within 48 hours to ensure that the information you have written is not deleted. Log in via the link in the email you received when registering as a user.
  5. If you have forgotten your password, you can change it via the link in the email you received when registering as a user.
  6. Once you have filled out all the questions, it is a good idea to double-check that the application has been filled out correctly.
  7. You must print out and submit your application to a Swedish Embassy or Consulate.
  8. Once you have confirmed the application you will no longer be able to change any information. Nor will you be able to send in any documents.
  9. When you are done with your application you will receive a confirmation to your email address. If you do not receive an email from the Swedish Migration Agency, this may be because the spam filter in your email program has perceived the email as spam. Therefore, you should check your spam folder.

Visit a Swedish embassy or consulate-general

In order for your application to be processed, you must visit the embassy that you have chosen to submit your application to. This is where you must identify yourself, be photographed and fingerprinted, and corroborate the documents attached to the application. The passport entered in the application must be brought with you when you come, and it must be valid for three months after the trip is over. You must also bring the printed application.

For information about hours when embassies are open and how to book your visit, please see the respective embassies' websites listed above.

Attach documents

The documents that you send as attachments to your online application must be in the formats pdf, doc, docx, jpg, png, rtf or txt. Only Latin characters may be used in the file name. A document may not exceed two megabytes (MB).

Note that in some web browsers you might be unable to open the forms and complete them. You can then save them onto your computer and open them with a pdf programme such as Acrobat Reader. You can also try to open the forms in another web browser. If you open the forms in the latest version of Acrobat Reader you can also save the completed form.

Check that the information on the documents you include is seen clearly. On passport copies, figures and characters at the top and bottom of the passport pages must also be seen clearly.

The documents should be translated into Swedish or English by an authorised translator. You must always include a copy of the original document.

Power of attorney to represent you

If you want someone else to represent you in your case with the Migration Agency, you can grant someone a power of attorney. A power of attorney may, for example, give someone else the right to make an application, be advised of the reasons for a decision or appeal against a decision on your behalf. The power of attorney must be written and signed by you as the person granting the power of attorney to someone else, and must be presented, in the original, if requested by the Migration Agency. If you are over 18 and want a member of your family to represent you, you will also need to submit a power of attorney.

To grant a power of attorney to another person, you may use the form Power of Attorney. The form applies to you if you have applied for a residence permit on the grounds of work, study, connections or visit.

Power of Attorney, form number 107011PDF

Browser settings

Your browser must permit JavaScript for you to be able to make an online application. You must also permit the use of cookies. Browsers are generally configured to accept both JavaScript and cookies (unless you have changed the settings yourself).

User terms and conditions

To make an online application you must accept the user terms and conditions. You do so when you register as a user.

User terms and conditions for an online application
User terms and conditions for a visa application



The Migration Agency uses secure technology to ensure that no unauthorised persons gain access to your data. For security reasons, we would still urge you to be cautious about giving more personal information than necessary in the text boxes marked with the symbol above.

Last updated: 2018-11-29

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