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Frequently asked ques­tions about insurances – au pairs

To be granted a residence permit, you need to show that you have taken out or applied for comprehensive health insurance valid for care in Sweden. You need comprehensive health insurance in case you require medical care during your stay in Sweden.

Your health insurance should cover the costs of both emergency and other medical care, as well as hospitalisation, dental care and possible repatriation for medical reasons.

If you have experienced symptoms or been diagnosed with a disease before you travel to Sweden, your insurance does not need to cover doctor’s appointments related to the treatment of this condition. Should your health deteriorate rapidly and require urgent medical care, your health insurance should cover medical care until your condition has stabilised.

The Swedish Migration Agency cannot give advance notice of whether the health insurance you have applied for or taken out will be approved when it makes its assessment about your residence permit application.

Yes, your host family can take out comprehensive health insurance for you.

Yes, if you will be working as an au pair, your host family must take out accident insurance for you.

The accident insurance should provide you with financial compensation in addition to the cost of any medical care if you have an accident during working hours.

Combined accident and health insurance is not sufficient if it only provides financial compensation in the event of an accident that occurs during your leisure time.

The au pair agreement must clearly state that the host family has taken out accident insurance for you.

Last updated: 2021-02-24