23 August 2019

New online application for work permit

On August 15, the Swedish Migration Agency launched a new online application for applications for a work permit. The application has a new look and several new functions that make it easier for you and your employer to fill out the application correctly, thereby reducing the risk of you needing to submit supplemental documents.

The changes that have been made to the new web application in comparison to the old one is:

  • The application is available in Swedish and English and you have the option of switching back and forth between the languages.
  • The application is now responsive, which means that it also works on a tablet or mobile.
  • You can use several web browsers at the same time.
  • Based on the answers you have provided in your application, only the appendices that are relevant to your case will be required. That means that it is less likely that you will need to supplement your case later on.
  • It is easier to edit the application, since you can select which steps you wish to return to to make edits.
  • It is now possible to apply for permanent residence directly in the application for an extension.
  • If you apply for a work permit for a licensed occupation you need to attach a copy of this directly in your application, to avoid needing to do this later on.

The new online application is primarily for people who are applying for a work permit from a country outside the EU and where there are no special rules required in order to be granted a permit. This also applies to people who are applying for an extension for such a work permit and for families who are co-applying.

During the autumn there will be more deliveries where it will be possible to apply for several types of work permits online.

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