13 September 2019

New online application for au pairs, trainees, visiting researcher and ICT permits

On September 5th, the Swedish Migration Agency launched a new online application for work permits for au pairs, trainees and visiting researchers. The most significant change is that it is now the employer who begins the application process, with the exception of visiting researchers who continue to begin their application process themselves. Even people who apply for an ICT permit can apply through the web now.

The Swedish Migration Agency has in a previous news statement said that the online application has a new look and several new functions that make it easier for you and your employer to fill out the application correctly, thereby reducing the risk of having to submit supplements. If you are applying for a work permit as an au pair, trainee or visiting researcher the application has also become more suited to your reason for applying. Among other things, that means that the system will only ask for the appendices that are relevant to your application.

One of the most important news regarding the new application is that the employer will from now on be the one who begins the application process. Before the application was filled out by the applicant, and the applicant would then attach an appendix with a job offer from the host family or company. The job offer is now filled out digitally in your web application. If you are a visiting researcher you still need to complete the application yourself.

Since it is now the employer who begins the application process by creating a job offer online, it means that the Swedish Migration Agency through the application will receive a verified email address for both the employer and you as the applicant, which will allow us to communicate securely with both parties.

Several changes that have been made are, among other things, that the application has become responsive, which means that it also works well on a tablet or mobile, that you have the option of shifting between Swedish and English, that you can select which step you want to go back to if you want to make changes, and that you can now apply for permanent residence permit directly in your application for an extension.

Even if you are applying for an ICT permit and have previously only been able to apply on a paper form application at an embassy you can now apply via the web. The new functions also apply to you.

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