14 April 2021

Free online seminars in English if you intend to start a business, or move to Sweden to study or work at a university

The Swedish Tax Agency arranges free online seminars for business operators and private individuals. Now, they have also begun holding the seminars in English for you if you intend to start your own company in Sweden, and if you intend to work or study at a Swedish university.

In addition to multiple online seminars in Swedish, the Swedish Tax Agency is now also providing seminars in English. There are currently two different seminars.

“Starting a Business in Sweden part 1-3” is a three-part online seminar for you if you are considering starting a business. The Swedish Tax Agency takes up what is good to keep in mind when you register your company, how income and expenses are handled, what VAT is and what is expected of you in terms of VAT.

The next online seminar is on 17 May.

“New in Sweden – the population register and basic tax information” is for you if you are from a country outside the EU and intend move to Sweden to study or work at a Swedish university. The Swedish Tax Agency takes up what you need to keep in mind when you move to Sweden and when you live here. You find out what documents are required to obtain a Swedish social security number, what the difference is between a residence permit and the right of residence and basic information on taxes.

The first online seminar begins on 16 April.

An online seminar is around 1 hour and 15 minutes and you have the opportunity to chat with the Swedish Tax Agency’s case officers during the session. On the Swedish Tax Agency’s website, you can see all of the current seminars and when they are being held, and register for them.

Read more about how to register for the seminars on the Swedish Tax Agency’s websiteexternal link, opens in new window