20 July 2021

Changes to the Aliens Act for most people applying for a residence permit or work permit

Changes to the Aliens Act come into force as of today, 20 July. This means that anyone who applies for a residence or work permit in Sweden may be affected by the legislative changes.

All Swedish pages on the Swedish Migration Agency’s website have been updated with correct information. If you are looking for information in other languages, you will have to wait until the warning box at the top of the page has been removed in each language. You will then know that the page is up to date.

All e-services have been updated in accordance with the legislative changes.

If you are going to apply for a residence permit using a form, please look at the date on the form to make sure that it matches those currently available on the website. Several forms have been updated, which means that if you have a form that was printed on or before 19 July, it may no longer be valid.

Find the right form

If you have already submitted an appli­ca­tion

If you have already applied for an extended work permit and meet the requirements for being granted a permanent residence permit, the Swedish Migration Agency will contact you and your family if additional information is required in your application. You do not therefore need to contact the Swedish Migration Agency.

Read about the requirements for being granted a permanent residence permit