29 July 2021

Tempo­rary halt to enfor­cing deci­sions pertai­ning to Afgha­nistan

In mid-July, the Swedish Migration Agency decided to halt enforcement decisions pertaining to Afghanistan. This means that no refusal of entry or deportation decisions will be made as long as the halt applies.

The background to the decision is that the security situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated and the Taliban movement continues to increase its control over the country. In recent months, the situation has changed rapidly in a large part of the country.

The Swedish Migration Agency will continue to analyse the events very closely in order to see whether long-term changes need to be made to the legal governance concerning the country.

Frequently asked ques­tion about the enfor­ce­ment halt in cases pertai­ning to Afgha­nistan

Anyone who has received a decision on refusal of entry or deportation is subject to the decision to halt the enforcement of cases pertaining to Afghanistan. This applies regardless of whether you have applied for asylum, a work permit, or a residence permit for some other reason. The enforcement halt also applies if your case has been handed over to the police.

The halt is valid until further notice. The Swedish Migration Agency is following developments in Afghanistan very closely and will continue to analyse the events in order to see whether long-term changes need to be made to the legal governance.

You do not need to submit an application in order to be subject to the general enforcement halt. If your situation has changed and you have new reasons that prevent you from returning to Afghanistan, you can submit an application regarding individual impediments to enforcement.

No, you can always voluntarily return to your country of origin. An enforcement halt doesn’t change that. Contact your nearest Unit for Reception for more information.