Introducing new rules for work permits

On 1 June 2022, new rules for work permits in Sweden came into effect. The new rules affect several different types of work permits, and applies to both you who are planning to apply for a work permit, and you who are waiting for a decision today.

The purpose of the changes now being introduced is, among other things, to counteract employees being exploited by their employers, and for Sweden to become more attractive to international competence.

The new rules include, among other things:

  • Most people applying for a work permit will need to present an employment contract before they can receive a decision.
  • If you have or are applying for a work permit, you must show that you can support accompanying family members the first time they apply for a residence permit as a co-applicant.
  • It will be possible to apply for an extended work permit several times. In this way, you can stay in Sweden for more than four years, even if you do not meet the requirements for obtaining a permanent residence permit.
  • You can apply for a visa if you need to travel abroad on a business trip while waiting for a decision on an extended work permit. (You can only get a visa for a business trip, not for travel for other reasons and not for family members).
  • A new permit is introduced for people who are highly educated who want to come to Sweden to apply for work.

If you have already submitted an application for a work permit or a residence permit for accompanying family members you may need to supplement your application by submitting a copy of your employment contract or documents showing that you can support your family. The Swedish Migration Agency will contact you or your employer if we need more information before we make a decision.

If you plan to apply for a work permit, you can read about the requirements here on the Swedish Migration Agency website. We have updated information about the requirements for affected permits.

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