Permits for a family member of a person who has a work permit

If you are a citizen of a non-EU country and are a family member of a person who has a work permit, you can get a residence permit for the same period. If the permit is for more than six months, you can also get a work permit.


The following are counted as family members: wife, husband, cohabiting partner, registered partner and unmarried children under the age of 21. Unmarried children who are 21 years or older can be given a permit in certain cases. The requirement is that they are being supported financially by you or your partner.

Other rules apply to family members of a self-employed person

Children of a person who has applied for asylum

Children of a person who has previously applied for asylum and is applying for a work permit without leaving Sweden must not be 18 years or older to get a residence permit.

Read more about work permit for a person who has been an asylum seeker in Sweden

How to apply

If the whole family applies at the same time, it is the person who has got employment who applies for the family in their own online application.

If that person is already in Sweden, you can make your own online application as a family member.

When you submit an online application the person in Sweden who has a residence permit for work needs to be registered with the Swedish Tax Office and have a Swedish personal identity number.

You will probably be required to pay a fee.

Fees for residence permits for family members

You can only submit a web application if you are outside Sweden. If you are in Sweden and have not applied for a permit along with your partner, you must fill out the form Application for permit for family members of employees, visiting researchers, athletes and the self-employed persons, form number 133011.

Enclose the following documents with your application

  • Copies of the pages in your passport showing your personal details, the passport’s period of validity and whether you have residence permits for countries other than your home country. If your passport is about to expire, you should renew it as you cannot obtain a permit for longer than the validity of your passport
  • a copy of a marriage certificate or the equivalent (applies to married couples and registered partners)
  • proof of national registration, a lease or proof of purchase for your residence, or another document showing that you have been living together in your home country (applies to cohabiting partners)
  • a short letter from the person in Sweden in which they confirm that you are going to live together in Sweden, if you are not applying for a permit at the same time.

Make sure that the information on the documents you enclose is clearly visible. Check that the numbers and characters at the top and bottom of the passport pages is clear and legible.

Learn more about the requirements for an online application

If you have children under the age of 18 who are moving to Sweden with you, you must also enclose

  • a copy of the child's passport, showing their personal data, photograph, signature (if applicable), passport number, country issuing the passport, the period of the passport's validity and whether the child has permission to live in countries other than their country of origin. If the child's passport is about to expire, it should be renewed as the child cannot obtain a permit for longer than the validity of the passport
  • birth certificate or equivalent document on which the parents' names appear
  • consent from the other custodial parent that the child may move to Sweden, if the other custodial parent is not moving with them to Sweden. It must be clear for what time the child is allowed to stay in Sweden. A copy of the other custodial parent's passport or other ID documents must also be enclosed
  • court decision if you have sole custody or death certificate if the other parent is deceased
  • adoption documents if the child was adopted.

Power of attorney to represent you

If you want someone else to represent you in your case with the Migration Agency, you can grant someone a power of attorney. A power of attorney may, for example, give someone else the right to make an application, be advised of the reasons for a decision or appeal against a decision on your behalf. The power of attorney must be written and signed by you as the person granting the power of attorney to someone else, and must be presented, in the original, if requested by the Migration Agency. If you are over 18 and want a member of your family to represent you, you will also need to submit a power of attorney.

To grant a power of attorney to another person, you may use the form Power of Attorney. The form applies to you if you have applied for a residence permit on the grounds of work, study, connections or visit.

Power of Attorney, form number 107011PDF

Shorter processing times for complete applications

For the Swedish Migration Agency to make a decision about your application, all the details need to be filled in and all necessary documents enclosed. This means that the processing time will be shorter if all the necessary information is included from the start than if information is added afterwards.

Note that the Migration Agency may in some cases need to further examine your application even if you have included all the required information and documents.

When we have received your application

If you get a permit for more than three months, you are given a residence permit card. The card, which is proof that you have the right to be in Sweden, contains your photo and fingerprints.

If you need a visa for travel to Sweden, you should go to the embassy or consulate-general as soon as possible to have your picture and fingerprints taken. Contact the embassy or the consulate-general before your visit.

Countries whose citizens need an entry visa for travel to Swedenexternal link, opens in new window

Find the closest embassy at Swedenabroad.comexternal link, opens in new window

Learn more about residence permit cards

If you do not need a visa for travel to Sweden, as soon as possible after your arrival in Sweden you should visit the Migration Agency to be photographed and fingerprinted. However, you need to apply for and get your permit before you travel to Sweden.

After the decision has been made

The decision is sent to the embassy or consulate-general you selected in your online application. When you are going to collect it, you have to bring your passport.

When your residence permit card is ready, the embassy or consulate-general will hand over or send the finished card. Bear in mind that it can take up to four weeks to produce and deliver the card to the embassy or consulate-general after you have received your decision. Your residence permit card has to be presented along with a valid passport when you travel to Sweden.

If you can travel to Sweden without a visa, you should be able to present a copy of the decision when you enter the country. As soon as you come to Sweden, you have to visit the Migration Agency to be fingerprinted and photographed. When your residence permit card is ready, it will be sent to your address in Sweden.

Book an appointment at the Swedish Migration Agency to have your picture and fingerprints taken

Important information about insurance

If you need to seek medical care in Sweden, you may need to pay for the care yourself if you are not registered in Sweden in the Population Register, and do not have a Swedish Personal Identity Number. If you register in the Swedish Population Register, you can also be registered with the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, and covered by the country’s social insurance.

To be registered in the Swedish Population Register and receive a Swedish Personal Identity Number, you generally need to have been granted at least a one-year residence permit in Sweden, and you generally need to be planning to live here for one year or longer. Therefore, you should register in the Population Register as soon as possible after moving to Sweden.

Read more about registration in the Swedish population register at the Swedish Tax Agency’s websiteexternal link, opens in new window

If the Migration Agency refuses the application

If the Migration Agency refuses your application, you may appeal the decision within three weeks of the day you received it. Information on how to do this can be found in the decision.

If you do not apply online

If you cannot apply online, you must fill out the form Application for permit for family members of employees, visiting researchers, athletes and self-employed persons, number 133011, and submit it to a Swedish embassy or consulate-general in your country of residence. The application form specifies which documents to enclose. Every person who is going to move to Sweden has to make their own application. For children under 18, it is the parent or custodian who applies for the child. Contact the embassy or consulate-general before you submit your application.

Application for permit for family members of employees, visiting researchers, athletes and self-employed persons, form number 133011 (in English)PDF

Find your closest embassy at swedenabroad.comexternal link, opens in new window

If there is no possibility to submit an application in your country, you must apply at the embassy or consulate-general closest to your country of residence. Contact the embassy or consulate-general before you submit your application for further information.

If you are applying at an embassy or consulate-general, you pay the fee when you hand in your application. For more information about the fee, contact the embassy or consulate-general where you are applying, as they do not have the same fees and terms of payment as the Migration Agency.

Last updated: 2018-07-11

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