Order forms or documents from the Swedish Migration Agency

On this page you will find information on how to order documents from the Swedish Migration Agency. For example, you can request original documents from your case to be sent back to you, access public documents or request a register extract on personal data.


You will find all of the Swedish Migration Agency's forms on this page. All forms can be downloaded and saved on your computer as a pdf. You can fill it out on your computer and then print it out to sign it.

The Swedish Migration Agency's forms

Order original docu­ments or copies from your case

You can request the return of original documents you have submitted or order copies of documents in your own case. If you have a power of attorney from a person, you can also order documents in that person’s case.

Order original documents or copies from a case

Access offi­cial docu­ments

You have the right to access public documents held by public authorities in accordance with the Freedom of the Press Act, as long as there is no information in the document that is covered by secrecy. Read about what is a public document and how you can request it from the Swedish Migration Agency.

Access official documents

Request infor­ma­tion about personal data (register extract)

The Swedish Migration Agency processes personal data in several different branches of activity. There are general rules on personal data processing in the EU General Data Protection Regulation. It is supplemented by national data protection regulations and by specific register provisions.

You can request a register extract with your personal data from the Swedish Migration Agency.

Request information about personal data

Get your passport back

If you have submitted your original passport with your application and need to get your passport back, you can fill in our form to request the passport.

Get your passport back

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