On this page you will find the Migration Agency’s forms. You can download, print or order a form.

Our forms opens as pdf documents in a new window. You can complete the form on your computer and then print it out and sign it. If you do not have access to a printer you will be able to print out the form at a library or a Citizens Advice Bureau. Don't forget to sign your name before submitting it.

If you wish to have the paper forms sent by mail to your address, you can click on the ‘Order form’ link next to the desired form in the list.


Please note that in some web browsers you might be unable to open the form and complete it. You can then save it onto your computer and open it with a pdf programme such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you open the form in the latest version of Acrobat Reader you can also save the completed form.

Forms where amounts are automatically summed up have a zero in the summation field. For the summaries to work you must download the form, save it onto your computer and open it in e.g. Acrobat Reader. The reason is that the settings in Adobe do not always work in the web browsers.

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