Order original documents or copies

On this page, you can request to get back original documents that you submitted and order copies of documents in your own case. If you have an authorisation from a person, you can also order documents in that person’s case.

With the form on this page, you can order documents that concern your case. You can, for example, request to get your passport back and order copies of documents in your case. If you have an authorisation from another person, you can also request documents in that person’s case. You cannot append the authorisation in connection with sending the form in, but will instead be asked to do so after we have received your order.

Access offi­cial docu­ments

If you want to access official documents in a case that concerns somebody other than yourself and you do not have an authorisation, you must instead use the contact channels described on the page for official documents.

Access official documents

Get your passport back

Here, you can complete a form in order to get back your and your children’s passport and/or residence permit card.

Get your passport back

Fee for copies of docu­ments

It is free to access official documents on site in the Swedish Migration Agency’s premises. However, if you want a copy, a fee is charged according to the Fee Ordinance.

The Fee Ordinance requires that the Swedish Migration Agency charge a fee if the copies encompass 10 pages or more. The first nine pages are free, the 10th page costs SEK 50 and thereafter every new page costs SEK 2. Postal charges for cash on delivery and postage are additional.

Prompt proces­sing

It is important that you provide enough information so that we can find the information you are requesting and so that your request can be processed promptly.

If we receive enough information and can thereby identify what document(s) you want, we will promptly process your request to access the official document. If your request requires a more extensive secrecy assessment, the handling can take extra time.

If you are not sure what documents belong to the case, and which of them you want to request, you can start by requesting a so called record sheet. Record sheets are available in a lot of cases, but not all. A record sheet shows a compilation of what documents are in the case. Based on the information in the record sheet, it may be easier for you to specify which documents you want to request.

We send the docu­ments in the post

The Swedish Migration Agency sends original documents, such as originals of identification documents, by registered letter. The documents are sent to your nationally registered address, but you must collect the letter at your local postal agent. If you order original documents as a representative for another person, the documents are sent by registered letter to you. When you are to collect the letter, you need to have an approved form of identification.

If you order copies of documents in your case, such as copies of decisions, the copies are sent in the regular post to your nationally registered address or to the address that is registered with the Swedish Migration Agency. If you order copies as a representative for another person, the copies are sent to your address.

The PostNord website provides information on what counts as an approved form of identification (in Swedish) External link, opens in new window.

Form for ordering original documents and documents in your own case

My request concerns * (mandatory)
My request concerns


(If you do not have a personal identity number, write 0000 as the last four numbers)
Contact information
If you place the order as a representative for another person, you enter your (the representative’s) contact information.

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