Request information about personal data

Here you can request information about any personal data of yours that we hold or process, in the form of a so-called register extract.

You are entitled to receive information on what categories of personal data we process (in accordance with article 15 of the General Data Protection Regulation). If you want to request such data, then we will need your details in order to find you in our records. You can only request information on yourself, and any register extracts will be posted to the address registered to you in the central population database. For security reasons, we cannot send register extracts via email. We will email you, however, in the case that we are unable to find any data on you in our systems.

Requesting a register extract is free of charge, but if you request further copies then the Swedish Migration Agency can charge an administration fee for this.

Order offi­cial docu­ments, origi­nals or copies

Please note that you need to use another form if you are going to request original documents that you have sent us, order copies of documents in your own case, or request public documents.

Form to request original documents or copies of documents in your own case

Form to request official documents

Select option to request information about personal data from the Swedish Migration Agency: * (mandatory)

I wish to receive the register extract in the following way: * (mandatory)
I wish to receive the register extract in the following way:

(If you do not have a personal identity number, you write yyyymmdd-0000.)

Spam protection * (mandatory)
  • If you have any ques­tions about register extracts, you are welcome to contact the Admi­nist­ra­tion Unit

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