Employing someone who is already in Sweden

The main rule is that a person whom you plan to employ must have a work permit before entering Sweden. Under certain circumstances, they can apply for and obtain a permit after entering Sweden.

They can apply in Sweden if they

  • were previously an asylum seeker or had their application for asylum refused
  • have a residence permit to attend a college or university
  • came to Sweden to see you for a job interview, etc. This applies only if there is great demand for workers in their occupation Pdf, 47.9 kB, opens in new window.
  • have applied for asylum and have been granted a temporary residence permit. This also applies to people who have a temporary residence permit due to particularly or exceptionally distressing circumstances, or impediment to enforcement
  • want to extend their current work permit
  • need to apply for a new work permit because they are switching occupations or employers
  • have a temporary residence and work permit because they have been married or cohabiting partners and the relationship has ended. Assuming they apply before their previous permit expires, they can continue working or start a new job while waiting for a decision.

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