• 30 January 2018

    New position on Iraq

    The situation in Iraq has changed in several ways over the past year, not least because IS has lost all of its territorial control. The Swedish Migration Agency has therefore made a new assessment of the security situation in the country.

  • 6 December 2017

    How other EU countries are handling forced returns to Afghanistan

    A number of European countries that accepted a large number of asylum seekers from Afghanistan are carrying out forced deportations to Afghanistan. This is shown by a brief report from the Swedish Contact Point of the EMN, the European Migration Network. “The purpose of the report is to contribute facts and statistics to the current debate”, says Bernd Parusel, an expert at EMN Sweden.

  • 28 November 2017

    Break in the trend: Since March, the number of open cases based on family ties has decreased

    In March, the Swedish Migration Agency had a record number of open cases based on family ties – about 74,000. The number has now gone down by 15,000. “It is a hugely positive development that we have been able to break the trend, and that we now settle more cases than we receive. This means that we can deliver a response to many applicants and reference persons who, unfortunately, have often had to wait a long time for a decision”, says Janne Wallin, Director of Operations.