• 7 December 2016

    Increased cooperation to make return more efficient

    The Government wants more people who have received a refusal of entry or expulsion decision that has entered into force to leave the country. In the spring the Swedish Migration Agency, the Swedish Police Authority and the Swedish Prison and Probation Service were therefore commissioned to carry out a pilot to increase the efficiency of return. Now these agencies have made a joint report on this work to the Government.

  • 1 November 2016

    More asylum cases decided than ever before

    The number of asylum seekers will not increase in the near future, according to the latest forecast from the Swedish Migration Agency. In the agency's assessment, it will be able to decide more than 108,000 asylum cases this year.    "That is more asylum cases decided than ever before," says Mikael Ribbenvik, Acting Director-General at the Swedish Migration Agency.

  • 24 October 2016

    Swedish Migration Agency employees are being posted in Italy and Greece

    The Swedish Migration Agency are reinforcing its support to EASO* by sending ten employees to Italy and Greece. The purpose of the effort is to aid the replacement of asylum seekers.