• 22 June 2017

    British seeking Swedish citizenship

    More people are applying for Swedish citizenship, and there is a clear trend of British people also taking the plunge. This is shown in the Swedish Migration Agency's statistics up until National Day.

  • 5 May 2017

    Forecast: “Continual focus on making decisions”

    The number of people seeking asylum in Sweden is essentially unchanged, compared to the assessment made in February. This is shown by the Swedish Migration Agency's latest forecast.    – Our focus continues to be on making decisions in all types of cases. Many people who sought asylum in 2015 and 2016 have received a decision in their cases, and the goal is for all remaining people to receive a decision in their cases this year, says Mikael Ribbenvik, Acting Director-General at the Swedish Migration Agency.

  • 7 April 2017

    The first medical age assessment will be ready soon

    The National Board of Forensic Medicine is expected to send the first opinion of an asylum seeker's age to the Swedish Migration Agency within a month. – This means that we will soon be able to make the first decision in which the National Board of Forensic Medicine’s age assessment is included as part of the evidence, says Daniel Salehi, the Swedish Migration Agency’s process manager for age assessments.