Our organisation

The Swedish Migration Agency is led by a Director-General and a Deputy Director-General. The agency is divided into three regions and a number of departments. In addition, there are also a number of independent functions.

The organisation that processes applications for residence permits is divided into three main processes: Asylum, Permits and Service. Under these main processes there are also a number of subprocesses.

It is important that people who have contact with us obtain the guidance and service that they need, from when their application is submitted and throughout the whole of the subsequent process. Our intention is that good service and treatment will be part of all our activities. For this reason we have a special process for applicant services.

Regi­onal orga­ni­sa­tion

Our operational activities are organised into three geographical regions: North, West and South. Within each region there are units that receive asylum seekers and examine different types of applications for residence permits.

The Migration Agency's regional organisation (in Swedish)PDF

Operational activities also include a National Operations Department.

Head Office

Our head office consists of the Senior Management, the Director-Generals staff and departments supporting the operational activities: Digitalisation and Development Department, Planning Department, Legal Affairs Department, Communication Department and Human Resources Department. The head office is located in Norrköping.

Inde­pen­dent func­tions

The Internal Audit, Internal investigations, Security and the Migration Agency's fund administration are all independent functions that report directly to the Director-General.

The Migration Agency's registered organisation number: 202100-2163

The Migration Agency's official email address: migrationsverket@migrationsverket.se

Organisational chart of the Swedish Migration Agency

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