About the website

On these pages, we have collected information about the website. You can find both legal information and tips on how to use the website.

Navi­ga­ting the site

The contents of the website can be found under the different menu options “Private individuals”,“About the Migration Agency”, “Other operators” (only in Swedish)  and “Contact us”. You can also find content through the search window in the top right corner. You can always return to the start page by clicking on the logo.

The site map gives you a view of how the content of the website is structured

Langu­ages other than Swedish

Most of the website is available in both Swedish and English. It is more or less only the information for organisations and other Swedish authorities that has not been translated.

If a page in Swedish is also available in English, you will find a link to the corresponding English text underneath the preamble. A smaller part of the information has also been translated into other languages. If the page is also available in other languages, there will be links to those as well.

At the very top of the page there is a link to pages with information in languages other than Swedish.

Change the appea­rance of the website

The Swedish Migration Agency website will adapt to function well whether you visit it on your mobile phone, tablet or computer. It does not matter what browser you use either. The website may have a slightly different appearance in different browsers, but all contents are accessible.

If you feel the text on the pages is too small or too large, you can simply change it using the built-in functions of your browser. You will find alternatives for changing the font size in the browser menus. Most modern browsers will let you change the size of the site by holding down the Ctrl key while turning the scroll wheel on the mouse.


On many of the pages, it is possible to listen to the content. As a user, you do not have to download anything. All you have to do is click the link Listen, and the page will automatically be read aloud.

New windows

Links to other websites than www.migrationsverket.se will open in a new window. The same is true for the other websites of the Swedish Migration Agency (such as the Lifos country of origin information and our online services). Pdf files and Word documents etc. will also open in a separate window.

Docu­ments on the website

On this website, you will find links to documents in various formats. In order to open them you will often need a software in addition to your browser. You can download such software from the Internet.

Pdf documents can be read with the free software Adobe Reader.

Download Adobe Reader External link, opens in new window.


The website may have a slightly different appearance in different browsers, but all contents are accessible. For the website to work for all users, regardless of whether they are surfing on their computer or mobile phone, the best way to access it is with JavaScript enabled.

To use our online applications as well as our online appointment service your browser has to support JavaScript and permit cookies.

The online applications will only allow attachments in certain formats. These formats are specified under each online service. 


To protect your personal data, we have physical and electronic safeguards for our online services that meet security requirements. However, if you are using a public computer, for example at a library or internet café, you should be extra careful as you do not know what has been installed on that computer. For example, you cannot be sure that the computer has a functioning and updated virus protection. It is also important that you close your browser after you have completed your application and leave the computer. The Migration Agency online services have a built-in security function that closes down your session once you have been inactive for a certain period.