The Swedish Migration Agency is actively working to increase accessibility on our website. Everyone should be able to use our website in a good way regardless of physical or mental obstacles.

The Swedish Migration Agency's website is adapted to function well regardless of whether you visit the website with your mobile, tablet or computer. It also does not matter which browser you are using. The website may look different in browsers but all content is available.

It is possible to listen to our website. You can access the function via the "Listen" link.

If you think the text on the pages is too small or too large, you can easily change the size of the page with your browser's built-in features. In most modern browsers you do this by pressing and holding the Ctrl key and spinning the mouse wheel. You can also change the text size in your browser's menus. This is what you do in the most common browsers:


There are three ways to set the text size on your screen.

  • Press and hold the Ctrl button and at the same time press the plus (+) key.
  • Press and hold the Ctrl button and scroll with the mouse wheel. To restore the text size, press and hold the Ctrl button and at the same time press the equal sign (=) key.
  • Click on Display in the menu. Click on Text Size/Zoom/Zoom Factor and select the size you want.


If you have a Mac, use the looped square instead of Ctrl. In the menu, select "Content" then "Increase text size/Decrease text size".

All people are different and have different conditions. Everyone should be able to obtain information on their own terms. You may not be able to read what we write because you have a disability. We then want you to tell us how you would like the information, and we will try to help you get information in an alternative format.

We may not have any ready-made information to send out that suits you. We may need to produce a material that is adapted to your specific needs. Sometimes it is faster that we in the Communication Department for example recite the text, enlarge the letters in a publication, or answer questions instead of creating material in alternative forms. It depends on which solution is best for you.

Submit your requests for information in alternative formats (in Swedish)

If you want to know more about the extent to which the Swedish Migration Agency's websites and digital services comply with the law on accessibility in digital public services, we have a special page for it.

The Swedish Migration Agency's accessibility report for websites and digital services (in Swedish)

Support by phone and on the website

You can get support when you call us by calling via

You can customize the website yourself by listening to the website or changing the text size.

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