Legal information

This is where you can find legal information about the Swedish Migration Agency website and online services. Information on how we process personal data is available on a separate page.

Who is respon­sible for the Swedish Migra­tion Agency website?

The Director of Communications is responsible for the Swedish Migration Agency website.

The prin­ciple of public access to offi­cial records

The Swedish Migration Agency is a government authority. As such, the Migration Agency must adhere to the principle of public access to official records. This means that all documents, including personal data, submitted to the Migration Agency become public records, which may be handed over to any person who asks for them. However, sometimes the information can be made confidential, in which case it may not be shared.

More information on the principle of public access to official document on the Swedish Government website External link, opens in new window..

Use of mate­rial, copy­right

Unless otherwise stated, all information at may be used freely. State the source, and preferably provide a link to the contents on our website. If material from the website is edited, publication is your own responsibility.  

Certain exceptions are made to the above; photos and illustrations are protected by the copyright of the photographer or illustrator, unless otherwise specified.

Linking policy

Please feel free to link to, but remember to

  • never use the Swedish Migration Agency logo to link to our website. This is to avoid any confusion about who is responsible for the information on the website where the link is provided
  • never link in a way that places the Swedish Migration Agency website inside the frameset of another website
  • avoid links to particular documents; these addresses may change. It is better to link to our start page.

Online services

The appli­cant's respon­si­bi­lity

Any information you or an accepted third party submits about you must be truthful and correct. Knowingly submitted false information may result in criminal liability.

Limi­ta­tion of liabi­lity

The Migration Agency's online services are provided 'as is' and without any form of guarantee for accuracy, quality or that they are available for use. Any inaccurate information on the website does not influence the handling of individual applications.


PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) is an international standard for the protection of documents and contents of IT systems that are open to the public. The Swedish Migration Agency uses PKI.

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