Country of origin information – Lifos

Lifos is the Swedish Migration Agency's expert institution for legal and country of origin information. With the help of Lifos, you can find current information and analysis about countries and regions from which people move to Sweden.

The Lifos database External link, opens in new window. primarily contains the Migration Agency's own material such as Lifos reports, together with judgements from the Migration Court of Appeal, important decisions from the European Court of Human Rights and governing and supportive outlines for the Agency. The database also contains reports from for example the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, other countries' migration authorities, non-Governmental organisations and certain media.

The Lifos database is mainly an important work tool for the Agency's own staff, but a large part of the material in Lifos is also available to the public.

The search function External link, opens in new window. in the Lifos database is easy to use. Just write the beginning of a word to get suggestions on words frequently searched for.