Senior Management

The Swedish Migration Agency is headed by Director-General Mikael Ribbenvik. The Senior Management constitutes a forum for strategic management of the organisation.

In addition to the Director-General the Senior Management includes the Heads of Regions, the Heads of Digitalisation and Development, National Operations, Communications, Legal Affairs, Planning and Human Resources. The Senior Management also includes the Deputy Director-General appointed by the Government.

You may contact them by calling 0771-235 235 (+46 771 235 235 from abroad) or by sending an email to

Director-general Mikael Ribbenvik

Mikael Ribbenvik

Deputy Director-General Inga Thoresson Hallgren

Inga Thoresson Hallgren
Deputy Director-General

Fredrik Bengtsson, Director Region South Sweden

Fredrik Bengtsson
Director Region South Sweden

Sanela Ovcina, , Director Region West Sweden

Sanela Ovcina
Director Region West Sweden

Veronika Lindstrand Kant, Director Region North Sweden

Veronika Lindstrand Kant
Director Region North Sweden

Marcus Toremar, Director Digitalisation and Development Department

Marcus Toremar
Director Digitalisation and Development Department

Lena Sköld, Director Human Resources Department

Lena Sköld
Director Human Resources Department

Magnus Önnestig, Director National Operations Department

Magnus Önnestig
Director National Operations Department

Carl Bexelius, Head of Legal Affairs

Carl Bexelius
Head of Legal Affairs

Linda Widmark, Director Communication Department

Linda Widmark
Director Communication Department

Photo: Björn Bjarnesjö, Hannah Davidsson and Olaf Zobel.

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