New survey on how people from Ukraine see their future

On behalf of the government, The Swedish Migration Agency will send out a survey to adult persons holding residence permits under the Temporary Protection Directive. The survey is conducted for the second time and the purpose is to gain more knowledge on how persons from Ukraine see their future.

Last year, the Swedish government asked the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to conduct a survey among persons that have left Ukraine to seek protection in Sweden about their life here. The purpose of the survey was to better understand the needs and plans for the future for this group, as well as to learn about the main challenges they may have experienced since they arrived in Sweden.

One year later, the government of Sweden has now asked IOM to conduct a second survey in order to understand how the needs of this group change over time. As of last year, The Swedish Migration Agency has been given the task to send out the survey.

The survey will be sent out in week 17 to all adults (18 years and older) who have a residence permit under the Temporary Protection Directive in Sweden. The survey will be sent to the e-mail address the persons provided when they registered for temporary protection.

Participation in the survey is voluntary, and neither The Swedish Migration Agency nor the IOM will be able to see who answers it.

Read more about the survey on the IOM website External link, opens in new window.

Read the report from last year’s survey on the IOM website External link, opens in new window.