Pop-up passport control in Brazil will make travelling to Sweden easier for those who do not need a visa

On 27 March 2024, students and work permit applicants, who do not need a visa, can have their passports checked at the Swedish consulate in São Paulo, Brazil.

Staff from the Embassy of Sweden in Brasília, will be performing passport controls at a pop-up station in order to make the application process more accessible for visa exempt students and work permit applicants.

The pop-up passport controls are available to those who

  • have applied for a residence permit for the purpose of studying or working in Sweden, or
  • have applied for a residence permit as an accompanying family member to a student or employee, and
  • may enter Sweden without a visa.

List of foreign citizens who require visa for entry into Sweden External link, opens in new window.

No appoint­ment needed

Applicants who wish to have their passport checked at the pop-up control station do not need to book an appointment or even wait for the Migration Agency to contact them about presenting their passport at the embassy. Applicants who fulfil the requirements are welcome to visit us at the consulate in São Paulo on 27 March.

No inter­views at the pop-up stations

Applicants who need a visa or a residence permit card to enter Sweden cannot have their passport checked at the pop-up stations. They need to visit the Swedish embassy in order to provide fingerprints and be photographed. The same goes for those who need to be interviewed, for example if they have applied for a residence permit to move to a family member in Sweden. Contact the Embassy of Sweden in Brasília to find out how to book an appointment.

More pop-up controls coming this spring

The Swedish Migration Agency will carry out an additional pop-up passport control in Brazil later this spring. We will also be visiting consulates or universities in North America and Southeast Asia in early summer. More information about date and location will be published later.