Visa-exempt students can have their passports checked without visiting the Swedish embassy

At the end of May, the Swedish Migration Agency will be launching a pilot for digital passport check. The new e-service will make the application process easier for students and workers from 22 visa-exempt countries and territories.

If you are eligible for a digital passport check, you will receive an offer by email within a couple of days of submitting an online application. You will then have seven days to download an app to scan your passport and share your digital passport data with the Swedish Migration Agency. The short response time is important in order not to delay processing of your application.

In connection with the launch, the Swedish Migration Agency will also send the offer to all applicants - covered by the pilot - who have made an application in 2024 but have not had their passport checked yet. This is to ensure that as many as possible of the approximately 2 000 students who have already applied for a residence permit online this year will also have the opportunity to have their passport checked digitally.

If you have already received an instruction to book an appointment at the Swedish embassy, you must let the embassy know when you have successfully shared your passport data with the Swedish Migration Agency.

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