• 2019-09-13

    New web application for au pairs, trainees, visiting researcher and ICT permits

    On September 5th, the Swedish Migration Agency launched a new web application for work permits for au pairs, trainees and visiting researchers. The most significant change is that it is now the employer who begins the application process. Even people who apply for an ICT permit can apply through the web now.
  • 2019-08-23

    New web application for work permit

    On August 15, the Swedish Migration Agency launched a new web application for applications for a work permit. The application has a new look and several new functions that make it easier for you and your employer to fill out the application correctly, thereby reducing the risk of you needing to submit supplemental documents.
  • 2019-05-20

    Legal position paper on calculating the total work permit period

    The Swedish Migration Agency has drawn up a legal position paper concerning work permits. According to the paper, an employee who does not receive a permanent residence permit may not be granted a new work permit immediately after returning to their country of origin. Normally a new work permit may not be granted until seven years after the first one.
  • 2019-04-05

    Delayed delivery of residence permit cards

  • 2019-03-15

    Better support for individuals applying to extend their work permit

    After a target group analysis with employees and employers, it has become clear that applicants would like more support and assistance in their extension application. Based on this desire, the Swedish Migration Agency has now developed a new web page with information for individuals intending to apply for a work permit extension.