Protection and asylum in Sweden

This is information for those who have sought asylum in Sweden. You can read more about what happens after you hand in an asylum application and when you have received your decision. This is also where you can find out more about your rights as an asylum seeker, in terms of work, housing, health and medical care and financial support.


  • New LMA cards last the entire asylum period

    On 1 January 2022, the Swedish Migration Agency introduced new LMA cards that contain digital information on the period of validity and AT-UND. A card lasts the entire asylum period, and the period of validity is extended when you visit the Swedish Migration Agency.

  • New passports from 1 January

    From 1 January 2022, all passports produced in Sweden will be safer and have a new appearance. This also applies to the travel documents and alien’s passports issued by the Swedish Migration Agency.

  • Enforcement halt on rejections and deportations of Tigrayan people to Ethiopia

    The Swedish Migration Agency has recently received reports that the situation for Tigrayan people in Ethiopia has become increasingly difficult. The Swedish Migration Agency has therefore decided on a temporary halt on rejections and deportations of Tigrayan people to Ethiopia.

  • Exemptions from passport requirements

    Following the amendment of the law on 20 July, the Swedish Migration Agency is now clarifying who must have a passport in order to be granted a residence permit. At the same time, the Swedish Migration Agency is reassessing the ability of Afghan citizens to obtain passports.

  • Permanent residence permits for children

    Since 20 July, new requirements apply for anyone who wants to apply for a permanent residence permit. The Swedish Migration Agency is currently receiving many questions on how these new requirements affect children’s possibilities of obtaining permanent residence permits.