Moving to someone in Sweden

In order to join your family or relative in Sweden, you must have a residence permit. Read more here about how to apply for yourself and on behalf of your child.


  • New residence permit cards from 1 January

    From 1 January 2022, the residence permit cards (“UT cards”) and residence cards issued by the Swedish Migration Agency will look a bit different.

  • This information applies to persons who have family in Afghanistan

    In light of the recent developments in Afghanistan, many people have contacted the Swedish Migration Agency for information on how they can help their family in their country of origin. The information below outlines what you can do from Sweden and whether your family can apply for a permit to move here to join you.

  • Some e-services will be shut down on 1 September

    As of 1 September, you can only use a paper form when applying for a residence permit for a child who is being adopted, for a child who is moving to someone other than a parent, for yourself if you want to move back to Sweden, or for yourself because you are a parent of an unaccompanied minor.

  • Permanent residence permits for children

    Since 20 July, new requirements apply for anyone who wants to apply for a permanent residence permit. The Swedish Migration Agency is currently receiving many questions on how these new requirements affect children’s possibilities of obtaining permanent residence permits.