Infor­ma­tion regar­ding the coro­na­virus

The coronavirus affects all parts of society, and the Migration Agency is closely monitoring the situation.

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Contact us prima­rily through our digital chan­nels

In order to limit the spread of the coronavirus disease we ask that you contact us primarily by email, telephone or through our e-services. Our resources to receive visits are limited and our opening hours have changed. Therefore, please check what applies to your office.

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New rules for moving to your own accom­mo­da­tion

On 1 July, the rules for asylum seekers who move to their own accommodation (EBO), for example to relatives or friends, were changed. The new rules state that those who choose to move to certain residential areas are not entitled to financial support from the Swedish Migration Agency. There is an e-service to help you check if the address that you want to move to can affect your compensation.

» Information about the new rules in several languages
» E-service to check if a specific address can affect the right to compensation
» Maps where current residential areas are highlighted

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The Swedish Migration Agency is on social media so that you can access information and news.

Student permits granted in August

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Amir studied for a masters degree as a veterinary

”Studying in Sweden is different to Iran. Here, a large part of the studies are group­based and the students work together.”

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Our mission

The Swedish Migration Agency's mission includes considering applications from people who want to live in Sweden, visit the country, seek protection from persecution or be granted Swedish citizenship.

The Swedish Migration Agency is commissioned by parliament and government, who set the Swedish asylum and migration policy. We are thus commissioned by the Swedish people, through the politicians who make decisions on migration policy.

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Working at the Swedish Migration Agency

There is a wide and varied range of work at the Swedish Migration Agency. It requires staff with various educational backgrounds, for example law, legal science and social science.

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