Highlighting highly qualified labour with a new work method

On 15 December, the current certification process for certified operators will be discontinued. Instead, on 29 January the Swedish Migration Agency will introduce a new way of sorting applications for work permits, in which employers that recruit highly qualified labour will receive prioritised service and quick decisions.

Through a special certification process, employers were previously able to certify themselves to speed up the processing of their applications for work permits. This process initially worked as intended, but as more and more employers became certified, the system became overloaded. It came to include many employers that were also recruiting within professions that are not highly qualified, as well as employers in industries with higher investigation requirements – and this affected the processing times for all certified employers. In light of these issues, on 15 December the old certification process will be discontinued.

Certification is replaced by a new work method

The discontinuation of the certification process is necessary in order for the Swedish Migration Agency to be able to focus its service resources on employers that recruit highly qualified labour, in accordance with its government mandate to promote the recruitment of highly qualified labour immigration. On 29 January, we will introduce a new way of sorting applications for work permits, in which service to employers that recruit highly qualified labour will be prioritised.

Applications sorted by profession and industry

The new work method means that the Swedish Migration Agency will sort applications for work permits based on profession and industry. It will also be easier to determine at an early stage which applications are ready for a decision and which need to be supplemented. This will speed up the processing of complete applications.

Applications from highly qualified workers that do not need to be supplemented will be processed within 30 days. We will aim to process all other applications within the time limit stipulated in the regulations.

Applications pertaining to jobs in sectors that require a particularly high level of investigation will continue to be examined according to the special evidentiary requirements long applied by the agency. For example, this often entails investigating and delving into a company’s background and previous employees.

Will finalise the new work method during the transition period

During the transition period, 15 December – 29 January, the Swedish Migration Agency will focus on finalising the new work method. However, we are already sorting cases by profession and industry, with the aim of processing complete applications for highly qualified labour within 30 days. This timeframe includes the required in-person visit by the applicant to present their passport before a decision is made.

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For employers that recruit highly quali­fied workers

Webinar on 25 January

On 25 January, the Swedish Migration Agency is organizing a webinar, where we will tell you more about the service you as an employer can get when you need to recruit highly qualified labour. Various representatives from the Swedish Migration Agency are participating in the seminar. Please note that the seminar is held in Swedish.

When? Thursday 25 January at 11.00-12.00 at the following link:
Web seminar about the Migration Agency's service offer External link, opens in new window.

Contact form for contact with experts

When the certification process is discontinued on 15 December, the Swedish Migration Agency’s special telephone line and e-mail address for employers that are currently certified will also be eliminated. If you need support in recruiting highly qualified labour, you can now contact our specialists via a special online contact form. Simply describe your recruitment needs, and we will be in touch.

Contact form for support with the international recruitment of highly qualified workers

If you have questions about recruiting workers in other professional categories, you are always welcome to contact the Swedish Migration Agency’s Contact Centre via e-mail and telephone.

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