Certain industries are subject to more stringent control

Certain industries are subject to more stringent control before the Migration Agency can grant a work permit. Among other things, the employer must be able to prove that it is able to pay the employee’s salary.

You are covered by such requirements if you plan to employ someone to work in one of the following industries:  

  • Cleaning (81290, 81210)
  • Hotel and restaurants (55101, 56)
  • Construction (41200, 421, 42990, 43)
  • Trade (471–478)
  • Agriculture and forestry (0113, 012, 02102)
  • Automobile repair (452)
  • Service  (9602, 9604, 9609)
  • Staffing (782)
  • Personal Assistance (88101, 88102)

Even those who have a newly founded business that has been operating for less than a year, or have a business that has been dormant for a long time and, in the last year, restarted it, are subject to the more stringent control.

SNI code

The SNI code specifies the industry that your business operates in. The numbers in parentheses above are the first digits of the SNI code for the industries covered. The registration certificate from the Tax Agency indicates the SNI code.

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Employment as a personal assi­stant

For a work permit as a personal assistant the employee must submit a copy of the decision issued by the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan) regarding assistance benefits. This decision allows the employee to demonstrate that they have somebody they will be working with and that this person is entitled to an assistance benefit.

What you must report 

If you plan to employ a citizen of a non-EU country, you must provide the following information in addition to the requirements specified under Work permit requirements:

  • prove that your business can guarantee a salary for the person who is applying for a work permit. Based on bank statements and previous and current income statements and balance sheets, you must be able to prove that you will be able to pay a salary for at least three months.
  • the last three monthly tax account statements from your business. This requirement applies only if the business had previous employees from non-EU countries who received permits to work for it.  

Excep­tions from more strin­gent control

There are some exceptions that imply that you, as an employer, do not need to provide the information listed above in order to meet the requirements for work permits, even if you belong to one of the industries that are subject to more stringent control.

This applies to employers

  • within municipality, county council and Government
  • where the number of employees is 50 or more.

If your business is registered in a non-EU country and operates in Sweden

If your business is registered in a non-EU country and operates in Sweden in one of the above industries, it must have a branch in Sweden. The branch must describe the terms of employment when information about the employment is provided, as well as provide the Migration Agency with further information about the position as needed.

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