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How to apply for an exten­sion of a resi­dence permit for contract or speci­a­li­sa­tion educa­tion

You must apply for a residence permit before your current permit expires but no earlier than six months before your current permit expires.

You can apply for an extension of your residence permit with a form. In most cases, you pay a fee. You fill in the form Application for residence permit for contract or specialisation education – Extension application, form number 215011, and send it to the Swedish Migration Agency.

Application for a residence permit for contract or specialisation education – Extension application, form number 215011PDF

The form informs you on where your application and any related documents should be sent.

Fees for residence permits for studies

You can pay by bank giro after submitting your application. You pay the fee through the bank giro number 5223-7005. The IBAN account number is SE691200000012810106908 and the BIC/SWIFT code is DABASESX (Danske Bank). In the box “Message to the payee”, fill in the first and last name of the person the application fee refers to and the personal identity number and/or case number. If you are paying for multiple individuals at once, state all their personal identity numbers and/or case numbers.

If you apply at one of the Swedish Migration Agency’s offices, you pay when you submit your application.


Fill in the application

You can fill in a physical application form. In the application you fill out information about yourself and your chosen education. You must also send in various documents. If your family is accompanying you to Sweden, you can apply for permits for them simultaneously with your own. Your family shall use the form Application for co-applicant to student and doctoral student, form number 134011. Each accompanying family member needs their own form. In most cases, your co-applying family members will need to pay an application fee.

Application for co-applicant to student and doctoral student, form number 134011PDF

Fees for residence permits for studies

The form shows which documents you should attach when applying for an extension of your residence permit.

Make sure that the information on the document you attach is clearly visible. Numbers and signs along the passport’s sides must be clearly visible on the passport copies.


The Swedish Migration Agency’s process

In order for the Swedish Migration Agency to be able to make a decision in your case, all information must be completed and all necessary documents must be included. This means that the processing time is shorter if everything needed is included from the beginning, than if the application is supplemented afterwards.

Please note that in some cases, the Swedish Migration Agency may need to investigate an application further even though all the documents have been attached.

If you change your mind and no longer wish to apply

If you wish to withdraw your application, you must write a letter to the Swedish Migration Agency and inform them of this. The letter should contain your information; name, date of birth, any personal identity number, and your case number. Also provide your phone number and address so that the Swedish Migration Agency can reach you should there be any questions. Sign the letter with your signature. If you have given someone power of attorney, that person may complete your application for you.


Receiving the decision

The Swedish Migration Agency will contact you once a decision has been made. The decision and the residence permit card will be sent to your address in Sweden.

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Last updated: 2021-03-18

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