The introduction of the new work permit model is starting

The report to promote highly qualified labour immigration has been submitted to the Government – and now the work of introducing the new model begins.

“We’ve been working on our mandate to implement a new model for work permits, which will make it easier to recruit foreign workers to Sweden, throughout the past year. Now we’re zeroing in on all parts of our organisation to make the transition as predictable and easy as possible for all parties,” says the Swedish Migration Agency’s Fredrik Bengtsson, Regional Director for Region South Sweden.

In the budget and policy specification for 2023, the Swedish Migration Agency received a mandate to promote highly qualified labour immigration to Sweden. The aim is to ensure that employers in highly qualified professional sectors get the labour they need, when they need it, thereby contributing to a competitive Sweden. In order to fulfil this task and to overhaul the entire work permit process, the Swedish Migration Agency has decided to introduce a new model for handling work permit cases and to establish international recruitment units.

The new model puts particular focus on:

  • Better service
  • 30-day processing time for a complete application
  • Easier to apply

“We’re going to have special service teams that will support companies and employers in the establishment of larger companies. We’re well aware that employers, especially in major expansion and establishment phases, have a broad need for labour from third countries. Through our strengthened service organisation, we will come together and work closely with those employers,” says Fredrik Bengtsson.

In cooperation with the employer organisations, the Swedish Migration Agency is also developing an improved e-service.

“It should be easy to apply for a work permit. The processing needs to be predictable and transparent. Our goal is to develop the e-service and the application procedure, thus increasing the proportion of complete applications.”

New model in place at the turn of the year 2023/​2024

With the changes in the work permit process, the Swedish Migration Agency has committed to a 30-day processing time for highly qualified workers.

“A processing time of 30 days is in line with an international comparison of how long similar permit processes take in other countries. We anticipate that we’ll be ready to launch the entire model at the beginning of next year,” says Fredrik Bengtsson.

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In Swedish: The Swedish Migration Agency’s report on budget and policy specification 3.8 – Promote highly qualified labour immigration to Sweden ( Pdf, 1.1 MB, opens in new window.